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How to Book and Enjoy a Private Tour or Experience in 5 easy Steps:

Online shopping

Step 1:

Get in touch, and converse with us on email or text or phone to get started. We are happy to schedul a 10-15min call or rapid text exchange to review how we can best help you.


Pay a deposit towards the cost of your custom experience.

This non-refundable deposit never expires, and is fully transferable, should you not be able to use it.

Video Conference

Step 3:

For private tours only, you will receive custom itinerary & invoice.  Once approved and booked and paid, your private tour ittinerary is confirmed.


For guests going further with STS, with extra help or trip planning or full services, we will embark on reviewing all your options and talking through your custom wishes. According to our special 90-60-30 action timeline you will receive revised, finalized, and pre-departure customized itinerary websites just for you, and we will walk you through the boking & payng process.. Once you approve the itinerary and payment schedules, you're off to the excitement (and none of the worry or hassle) of planning the Best.Experience.Ever.

On a Stroll Around Town

Step 5:

At the appointed time, date and place, all that's left is to just show up for an incredible, fun and immersive experience of culture!


At the end of your experience, we invite you to stay in touch with us and remain a beloved part of the SeeTheSacred family!


Step 2:

Get customizing! Our emails to you will review our processes and what we can offer you.

 For just private tour options, we will email you a breakdown of options that fit what you are looking for, a draft and then final itinerary proposal all on our 90-60-30 planning window.

For bespoke extra help, or trip planning, or our full VIP services, we will schedule our first hour-long call and walk you through our intake and tailoring process to get you set up for success on your journey.

Step 4:

Get reminders & reconfirmations.


One week prior to your tour, you will receive a reminder confirmation with all the *updated* and *fine logistical* details for your experience with us. You will always have the latest, and be well taken care of with SeeTheSared!


*Please note that the final cost of any one tour or suite of services will depend on the amount of time you spend touring, plus any additional elements needed to complete your experience. We will arrange any necessary expedited entrance tickets and transportation for you

at an additional cost.

You can get an idea of final costs & prices here.

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