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How to Book and Enjoy a Private Tour or Experience in 5 easy Steps:

Step 1:

Only pay a $100 deposit towards the cost of your custom experience.

This non-refundable deposit never expires, and is fully transferable, should you not be able to use it.


Step 3:

Receive a custom itinerary & your tour is booked and confirmed.


After reviewing the options and talking through your custom wishes, you will receive a customized itinerary with all final details and payment schedules. Once you approve the itinerary and payment schedules, your custom excursion is now confirmed, and all tickets, tour guides and reservations will be booked for you. 

On a Stroll Around Town

Step 5:

At the appointed time, date and place, all that's left is to just show up for an incredible, fun and immersive experience of culture!


At the end of your experience, you will receive your final invoice that is payable by credit card or Venmo.

Step 2:

Receive an email.


This email will have a complete menu of private tour options, corresponding to the amount of time you want to spend any given site (90mins, 2.5-3 hours, half-day, or a full day). In the email you will also see an opportunity to schedule a short 10-15 minute WhatsApp call to chat about how we can make all of your travel dreams for your custom immersive experience come true.

Phone Call

Step 4:

Get reminders.


One week prior to your tour, you will receive a reminder confirmation from our manager.  You will receive another reminder directly from your private guide between 24h hours & 2 hours prior to your tour.  


*Please note that the final cost of any one tour or suite of services will depend on the amount of time you spend touring, plus any additional elements needed to complete your experience. We will arrange any necessary expedited entrance tickets and transportation for you

at an additional cost.

You can get an idea of final costs & prices here.

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