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Martyrian Journeys, a sole proprietorship owned by me, Jill Alexy, has operated behind-the-scenes and by-referral-only for many years, sharing the most inspiring sacred beauty with visitors, pilgrims, and patrons from all over the world. 

When I’m not in Rome working with Vatican donors or Vatican universities, I am spending time with friends and colleagues in Italy, France, and North America, trying to make the cultural patrimony of the Catholic Church come to life! I believe that the inspiration we get from sacred spaces help us all to work towards the common good.   

Years of experience in the travel, higher-education, social entrepreneurship, and philanthropic fields has given me a unique insight into how I can delivery variety of cultural experiences that are unique, dynamic, educational, and exclusive. 

Now, my new team of collaborating scholars, administrative professionals, and student-assistants & I are launching a new suite of travel and cultural offerings with the launch of SeeTheSacred. 

At SeeTheSacred, we believe in enhancing exchange. Enhancing culture.  Enhancing education. Enhancing the overall formation of travelers, students, pilgrims, corporate boards, philanthropists, and most of all, life-long learners.

With this new website, you can join us on this journey with your purchase of virtual visits or on-site tours. We promise you will never be bored by what we have to offer!

On our social media channels, @seethesacred will deliver loads of free content that can help you to never forget the impact of a virtual or in-person visit. We promise to leave you with lasting impressions !

So, come join us and witness how beauty is effective. Because travel, higher education, culture, and catholic patrimony can inspire you, guide you, and help you to make the world a more a better place. And we want to make each of you a witness to awe-inspiring, effective BEAUTY.

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