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New Schedule Released! Registrations Are Now Enabled!

We are proud to offer you a mix of premium & standard virtual visits most 

Mondays at 2:00pm EST & Wednesdays at 8pm EST.

Package pricing & subscription plans available, as well as individual visit purchases. You can also access select recordings of our virtual tours & classes by request. Join the journey!

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*amazing on-site tours in Italy & France, with special future-travel promotions being offered! 

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We encourage you to explore this new platform.



We want you to 'see the sacred' beauty in the world's most outstanding cultural sites.

SeeTheSacred is the landing page for booking all sorts of cool cultural experiences. And it is your link to the virtual world of culture through new and engaging social media campaigns that take you behind-the-scenes.

Immediately below, you can scroll to see & rsvp for our online virtual tours.

Scroll all the way to the bottom of the page (or use the navigation menu) to see & purchase on-site, private guided visits.

Finally, check out our social media channel @seethesacred on instagram, facebook, & youtube to witness something that inspires & motivates you on the daily.

Come take a journey with us, and become a witness to how beauty can unite us.



Scroll down to get more information & to RSVP for Virtual Visits. Or go to our menu to learn how our visits have been categorized into special "TouristU!" menu just for you! If you would like to get recordings of all the visits & classes in a sett, email us to inquire for details

Our Offerings Come in Themed Sets, giving you admission to a real 'Tourist U' !

  • Vatican Favorites: our most popular highlights from inside the Real Vatican

  • Wonders of Ancient Rome: the trifecta of downtown Ancient Rome

  • La Dolce Vita: do the grand tour & get off the beaten path in Italy 

  • La Belle France: explore highlights & hidden gems across Paris & the countryside 

  • Encyclopedic Museums: visit highlights from the collections @ The Vatican Museums, the Louvre, the Uffizi Galleries, & the Prado Museum

  • Catholic Imagination & Beauty: dive deep into the beauty of Catholic catechesis

  • What Is Victory? A deep-dive, over the course of three visits to understand the concept of #winning in the roots of Western Civilization.

And we will be featuring new interactive, multi-sensory experiences all summer long, like:  

*Perfume Sampling from Serge Lutens Perfumier 

*Cute cooking courses so that you can enjoy dinner & a show at home

*Curated fine olive oil tastings

*And debuting many new wines from wineries all over Italy & France!

Virtual Tours & Talks
The Colosseum: The Flavian Ampitheatre
Online Conference Room
Membership Offer
Hidden & Secret Chapels of the Vatican
Online Conference Room
The Roman Forum: Fertile Field of Civilization
Online Conference Room
The Palatine Hill: Roman Origin Stories & The Palaces of the Emperors
Online Conference Room
Membership Offer
The Cathedral of Notre Dame & Great Gothic Cathedrals of France.
Online Conference Room
Membership Offer
Saint Mark's Basilica in Venice : Majesty & Mystery
Online Conference Room
Membership Offer
Saint John the Lateran: Cathedral & Catholic Church Worldwide HQ
Online Conference Room
Membership Offer
Stained Glass Greatness: An in-depth visit to the Chartres Cathedral with Champagne!
Online Conference Room
St. Paul's Basilica & Missionary Fervor
Online Conference Room
Premium Virtual Vatican Visit with Vino ! Gathering together inside St. Peter's Basilica (1)
Online Conference Room
The Marian Churches of Rome
Online Conference Room
Baptistries & Christian Identity
Online Conference Room
Membership Offer
Ravenna Mosaics: Experience Christian Questions beautifully displayed before your very eyes!
Online Conference Room
Membership Offer
The Sistine Chapel: conclaves, tapestries, & more cool stories! A Premium Virtual Vatican Visit. (1)
Online Conference Room

What a great experience. I am looking forward to more.

The information you share is a thought-provoking mix of art history, world history, church history, and theology. It is even more interesting when you throw in anecdotes about the people in the Vatican and make comparisons to modern pop culture. I enjoy hearing about life in Italy and how the Italian people are doing now.

Thomas Herr


The wealth of knowledge that Jill has to share with her guests is amazing. Jill is a fabulous story teller and keeps you enthralled through every tour.

Lori Whelan

It was such a pleasure learning with you, Agnes, and Giulia on Monday. In particular, I greatly enjoyed what you called out about collective memory as well as connections between different bodies of work. Words cannot express how much Monday's visit helped to inspire and motivate me, especially during this unpredictable and uncertain time. Knowing that these visits are available to continue learning and to get my Italy fix (both of which are mandatory on a regular basis!) is so motivating!

Joanna Rench





Private virtual tours are perfect for families, groups of friends, parishes & churches, organizations, and businesses. Let us conduct a webinar or a livestream for just yourselves, your own select group of guests, or for a large gathering of your choice. 

We are happy to customize the visits, themes, interactive elements, group size, and length of visit to meet your exact wishes. Contact us via the contact form at the bottom of this page. Or, click on the button here to email us & begin a conversation about organizing your very own private virtual tour.



Image by Cristina Gottardi
Ruined Ancient Architecture
Image by Massimo Virgilio


Image by Pedro Lastra
Image by Wilfried Santer
Image by Element5 Digital


€200 and up

Get to know Paris in all its beauty.  From local neighborhood strolls, to the exceptional shrines of the City of Light, get-off-the-well-beaten-path with us.


€450 and up

We have a tailored menu to show you le vrai Francereal France.  Our unique day trips are perfect for return visitors !


Custom Pricing

When you visit a new destination do you enjoy touring around with a professional guide? Do you like hearing the local perspective on the wonders of our world? If so, then this tour a great choice for you. Martyrian is ready to serve your every need. From planning the detailed itinerary, to providing transportation arrangements, all you need to do is sit back, relax, and let your mind explore.



Awesome Discounts & New Content coming your way !!


Get Ready to Get Away

We will shortly be announcing plans for future travel. Want to get excited to get away as soon as it becomes (safely!) possible and prudent to do so?  Need to have your travel itch scratched in the meantime? Stay tuned to see how we are planning to blend onsite future experiences with online experiences in the here & now.


Livestreamed Vists!

Look out for our new livestream happy hour parties.  Don't think that in our Zoom'd out world you can have a blast at an online event?  Come have the time of your life as we bring the world's best culture, cool music, fun drinking games, and hilarious & interesting commentary, all available on your Smart TV or devices.


Free Virtual Visits!

This is your opportunity to join a group of Rome's refugees & migrants as we explore some of the most beloved sites in Ancient Rome.  Give the gift of learning & friendship & community to some of those who have suffered the most in recent times. Schedule being announced soon.


August Events

This August, SeeTheSacred will begin what hopes to be a whole series of new partnerships with various organizations.  Every Sunday evening in August, join us for watch parties of on-demand virtual visits. In the middle of the month, look out for an episode of The Episcopal Podcast with Jill & Bishop Richard Umbers of the Archdiocese of Sydney.



If you would like to find out more information, I would be more than happy to help. Please fill out the form below and I will get back to you as soon as possible.


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