The Total Package

The Total Package

We will set you up for an adventure like no other!


We begin with giving you access to our entire library of virtual visits to help you prepare for your trip. Along with that access, we will also send you some wines and treats that help you get excited about your travels.


When you are ready, you can enjoy a series of phone calls to review all the plans you have for your trip.  Hotel reservations, restaurant recommendations, what activities to plan, we guide you every step of the way through emails and calls and text messages to make sure everything is customized just for you.


Of course, you get your Travel Club Card for every city you want to visit with us.


When you arrive, a special welcome committee of 1 will orient you to each city you choose to visit with us, and offer a small local treat to welcome you to each city.  This will help you live like a local to the max.


While you travel, you have access to a resource assistant (on-call personal concierge) by text from 8am-8pm every day. Make unlimited text inquiries if you need help.  If an emergency arises, you will have access to a phone number to call.


For every private experience or tour you book with us, you will receive a 10% discount.


Finally, a farewell dinner with your local friend is “on us” prior to your departure from one of the cities where we serve.  We are sending you home with treats, too!


After you are back at home, we set up a special private virtual visit to help you have THE BEST trip reunion experience possible.  Relive all the great memories, and get excited for your next adventure.


If you want this full package, please inquire with us about pricing; final pricing will depend on the length of your trip, the number of cities you visit, and the number of people in your traveling party.


Pay a $500 deposit and start dreaming and planning the trip of a lifetime, today!