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Private Aperitivo Party: An Alternative Holiday Party!

Private Aperitivo Party: An Alternative Holiday Party!

Want to have access to our premium virtual visits anytime, anywhere you choose?  And with anyone you wish? This just could be the most unique & fun way to enjoy a socially-distanced Holiday Party that brings all the very best parts of international travel right into your own home.


And it's a NOTBORING!! virtual experience which you can share with your own friends & family (well at least the friends and family you actually want to see online, anyways ;) 


Here is how it works-


1. Once you purchase your private online party, we will begin talking (via emails or phone calls) about *where* you want to go (virtually, of course!), what you'd like to see (using the best possible virtual resources available), and what interactive element you want to include (a mini cooking lesson? a cheese tasting? a perfume sampling?  wine or cocktails or other drinks tastings? we can add in any of the elements to make it extra fun and to make this unique experience come to life).


2. Once the details are set, we will help you to set a shopping list or order in authentic products from Europe, if necessary. 


3. We will schedule your zoom or livestream and send you an invitation pdf that you can share with your guests. This invitation pdf will include all event info + log-in information.


4. Then we party ! With a virtual visit and REAL INTERACTIVE ELEMENTS!


If you can't throw a blow-out bash at your house this holiday season, if you cannot gather at some fabulous venue for a mega-holiday-party, why not give this interesting alternative a try!  It will help make your 2020 even more *exceptional*. 


Why not finish off this exceptional year with an exceptional alternative for a holiday gathering?!?


Please thoroughly read through our Inclusions & Exclusions, as well as our Return Policy, before you make your purchase.

$240.00 Regular Price
$180.00Sale Price