"Cheers to the Vatican!" Discovery Pack to Pair With Merumalia Wines

"Cheers to the Vatican!" Discovery Pack to Pair With Merumalia Wines

Want to have access to our premium Virtual Vatican Visits (VVV) with Vino anytime, anywhere? Looking to enjoy just the highlights of our efforts to pair the best wine with the best culture?  Then this package is for you!


This purchase entitles you to access the entire set of 5 recorded virtual visits to the Vatican. The visits include sites such as:

  • The Sistine Chapel
  • Saint Peter's Basilica
  • The Raphael Rooms
  • The Scavi (underground ancient excavations) of Saint Peter's 
  • The Roman Forum


In all the virtual visits listed above, you will go behind the scenes to explore sacred spaces & cultural wonders with a Vatican insider: where you want, when you want, and how you want. The recordings of our immersive cultural-tour-meets-wine-tasting events can be enjoyed on your computer, on your TV, or on your devices. Watch alone or with family & friends. It's convenient culture & wine tasting on-demand!


Your purchase of the "Cheers to the Vatican!" Discovery pack will ALSO enroll you as a special VIP member of the Merumalia Wine Club.  Merumalia is a prestigious boutique winery located in the Castelli Romani. Their vineyards even have a sunset view overlooking Saint Peter's dome in the Distance!


After your purchase, you will receive a confirmation email that provides you details for accessing your on-demand visits.  You will have personal, private access to the visits via video format, and a complete set of notes for each visit. Your confirmation email will also give you information on how to order any Merumalia wines you wish to pair with your on-demand cultural content.  


You will save 10% on YOUR WINE PURCHASE for all guests from SeetheSacred!! As an added bonus, Merumalia Wine Resort will work to offer you special international shipping rates.


If you want to make sure you have all the wines we taste & talk about in our VVV (virtual vatican visits) series, we recommend ordering the Merumalia Sampler Pack.  Each wine is sunset in a bottle, and this way, you can taste all the beautiful hues that make up Rome's famous golden sunsets! The wine will be shipped directly to your home from Frascati, Italy. 


We recommend ordering the wines below, but of course, the choice is entirely up to you!


1. Ottonese. We paired this white wine with our visit to Saint Peter's Basilica and its famous archeological excavations, called the Scavi.

2 & 3. Primo & Primo Riserva (You will receive two bottles). We paired these white wine with our visit to the Sistine Chapel & its famous frescos by Michelangelo.

4. Terso. We paired this white wine with our visit to the Roman Forum.

5. Vetus. We paired this red wine with our visit to the famous Raphael Rooms & Papal Apartments.

5. Extra Virgin Olive Oil.  We will pair this premium extra virgin olive oil, perhaps Merumalia's most reknowned product!, with our visit to Saint Paul's Basilica in Rome.


Order virtual visits unlike any others you've experience, and enjoy them on demand.

Order wine you cannot get anywhere else at incredible discounted rates.


Please thoroughly read through our Inclusions & Exclusions, as well as our Return Policy, before you make your purchase

  • Return Policy

    There are no refunds for your purchase.

    Your shipping & delivery will be insured against unreasonable delay & breakage. For full details, please contact us.


    All purchases are non-exchangable and non-refundable.


    Within 72 hours of your purchase, you will receive instructions for how to access recorded virtual visits on-demand.  One purchase entitles you to one set of log-in codes that can be used by one private household only.  The video material is not for mass distribution and cannot be shared with large or small groups (such as churches, parishes, schools, social organizations, comunity organizations, etc.) without express written consent. All recorded material is licensed as the intellectual property of Jill E. Alexy, sole proprietor.


    You will also be given a special link to the Merumalia website, so that you can order the wines directly from the vineyard outside Rome, Italy.


    All wine is purchased & exported by Merumalia Wine Resort. Merumalia works with a licensed import and export group that can legally ship wine internationally, as long as it is for personal use & consumption.


    Anticipated time to deliver across Europe: up to 10 days. Anticipated time to deliver to North & South America: up to 3 weeks.  Due to coronavirus precautionary measures, delays can be expected. We can ship to any location in Europe, the UK, Canada, & the US (excluding some US States), or your preferred licensed retail shop or restaurant or local church. For the list of excluded US States, please see below.


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