Merumalia Discovery Pack to Pair With Our On-Demand Virtual Vatican Visits!

Want to have access to our premium Virtual Vatican Visits (VVV) with Vino anytime, anywhere? Looking to enjoy just the highlights of our efforts to pair the best wine with the best culture?  Then this package is for you!


For all our guests who purchase the following 5 bottles of wine + 1 bottle of olive oil from our partner, Merumalia Wine Resort, you will have access to our newly-produced highlight videos!  The wine will be shipped driectly to your home from Frascati, Italy. The 5 corresponding videos will be emailed to you so that you can enjoy them for your personal use whenever, where ever, and how ever you wish!


Your Merumalia Vino Veritas Pack will include:


1. Ottonese. We paired this white wine with our visit to Saint Peter's Basilica and its famous archeological excavations, called the Scavi.

2 & 3. Primo & Primo Riserva (You will receive two bottles). We paired these white wine with our visit to the Sistine Chapel & its famous frescos by Michelangelo.

4. Terso. We paired this white wine with our visit to the Roman Forum.

5. Vetus. We paired this red wine with our visit to the famous Raphael Rooms & Papal Apartments.

5. Extra Virgin Olive Oil.  We will pair this premium extra virgin olive oil, perhaps Merumalia's most reknowned product!, with our visit to Saint Paul's Basilica in Rome.


After your purchase, we will confirm the details of your order & shipping directly with you. Then, within 76 hours of your order, your case will be sent to your home from the official wine shipping import/export group used by Merumalia Wine Resort.


When you let us know that you have succesffuly received your shipment, we will then email you access to your on-demand highlight videos AND send you all the cool tasting & cultural notes to accompany your visit.


Please thoroughly read through our Inclusions & Exclusions, as well as our Return Policy, before you make your purchase


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