Help Me! Personal On-Call Concierge (by text)

Help Me! Personal On-Call Concierge (by text)

In addition to the Special Welcome package noted above, you will have resource to text an on-call helper during the dates of your service. 


Need help with a reservation for a meal or a service? A little lost or wondering the best way to get somewhere? Looking for a suggestion of what to do? 


Your assistant will be available to by text from 8am-6pm each day. 


There is a limit of 3 newly initiated inquiries per day (you may request help, by text, for up to three things per day). 


This service is available at the discounted rate of 60euros per day for those who book tours + the welcome package. 


For those who want to take advantage of this service alone, (a la carte), the cost is 100euros per day.


If you want us to also set up the special reservations (dinners, entertainment, reserved cars or transfers or train rides), the travel planning + on-call assistance is 100/euros per day.