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Experience Venice Private Guided Tours

Experience Venice Private Guided Tours

Book through March 1, 2020, and pay only a $100 deposit towards the cost of your custom experience.


You will lock in the discounted price for your 2021 or 2022 travels.


You will also get access to one online cultural event (live or streaming on-demand) per month. It's the best way to prepare and get psyched up for future travel!


And if you want to gift of travel +culture, while your deposit is non-refundable it is FULLY TRANSFERABLE!!!


Lock-in your chance to enjoy reduced rates, priority booking, and a wealth of awesome content, now. Make your purchase and, when you are ready, contact us to begin customizing your perfect excursion.


Looking to spend an hour, up to a full-day, to experience the beauty of la Serenissima? Venice is usually overrun with tourists from cruise ships, and so many of the options for tours and excursions and events are looking to cram all the magic of Venice's byzantinw streets and foggy corners into one afternoon or one day. Impossible! So why not give majestic Venice the time and care it deserves so you can enjoy it without being overwhelemed or overtired? We believe that we offer all sorts of unique Venice private tours, and we guarantee you will not find tours like this anywhere else.


Some of our featured, custom tours include:


  • Mystery & Majesty in Monuments- Join us for a 3 hours' highlights tour of Saint Mark's Basilica and the Doge's Palace. We will get expedited entrance to skip the lines as much as possible, but we will also skip the boring stories and focus on the fun anecdotes and suprising kep takeaways that make these such memoriable places.
  • Real Venice- Venice is nothing but winding alleys and hidden corners. We will take you to the best ones with Venetian born- and bred locals. Pop into the shops, the enotecas, the tiny chapels, and the tranquil piazzas that make Venice on of the most magical cities in all the world!
  • Aperitivo in Venice- Stroll canalside learning about all the interesting culinary traditions in both wine and food that make Venice, and the entire region of the Veneto, so outstanding. Perfect way to end your laidback, experiential, and interactive excursion? With a classic gondola ride, of course!
  • The Pretty Stuff- Did you know that the Basilia della Salute, the Basilica dei Frari, and the Scuola di San Rocco (the Sistine Chapel of Venice!) are all easily walkable one from the other? Do you also happen to know that these sites hold some of the most impressive art & architecture to look at? It's so easy to see the best stuff, and so surprising what you will find! Come join us for a private walk to check out Venice's greatest hits! You will be blown away, and you'll impress all your friends who never knew to visit these places in the first place!
  • Scavenger Hunt- Traveling with children? Venice can be tough for them. Why not enjoy a morning or afternoon scavenger hunt that is designed with kids' edu-tainment in mind? Maybe the parents will learn something, too, and keeping moving in this light-hearted walk will be to everyone's delight!
  • Boat trip down the Grand Canal- Travel with our insiders in a private taxi ride down the Grand Canal. We will show off the most gorgeous palaces of Venice. At the end, if you fancy modern & contemporary art, we will whisk you away to the real insider's finds that showcase interesting collections. Or want something more classic? We can end with a visit to a church full of Tintoretto (Reniassance) masterpieces, or take you to one of 2-3 authentic art studios (furnaces) lef in Mnurano, away from the tourist-trap shops that nowcover the quaint island.

...but remember, we can design & customize anything to your wishes!


1.5-2 hour tours of private guiding = €250, regularly €280

2.5-3 hours of private guiding = €330, regularly €400

Half- and full-day options are available upon request

*Tickets and expedited (or necessary special) entrances will be arranged for you, but are an additional cost.

Additional available upgrades include:

+Guaranteeing Jill as your private guide

+Access to a private water taxi (you know the boats that movie stars ride around in in Venice? Yeah, those are water takis)

+Exclusive access to private shops

+Private, after-hours tours of private palazzos and gardens.

+The opportunity to host a private event, dinner, cooking class, or wine event in an amazing setting!



***All discounted private tours purchased now, can be used through August 31, 2022.***


A limited number of these discounted tours are able to be booked each month (maximum 10), so reservations are accepted on a first-come, first-served basis. The deposit is due now, and payment in full will be due 15 days prior to your scheduled tour in 2021 & 45 days prior in 2022.

(These discounted tours cannot be booked during the weeks of Holy & Easter Week, the week of May 1st, the week of June 29 & Christmas weeks).


These tours can be canceled and fully refunded, postponed, or transfered at any-time up to 48hours before the date of your tour.***