Experience Rome - Private Guided Tours

Experience Rome - Private Guided Tours

Looking to spend an hour, up to a full-day, to experience the REAL Rome? We offer all sorts of unique Rome private tours, and we guarantee you will not find tours like this anywhere else. 


Discover why Rome is called la città eterna, the eternal city, with us.


These are just some of our tours that have been appreciated the most:

  • The magic atmosphere of Ancient Rome, with its Forum & famous Colosseum. How was life under the Roman Empire? What did it mean being a Roman citizen at that time?

  • Renaissance & Baroque fountains & piazzas, with their unique architecture and symbolism.

  • The amazing Papal Basilicas, each more beautiful than the last.

  • Discovering the typical neighborhoods of the city, like the dynamic Trastevere.


Pay only a $100 deposit towards the cost of your custom experience. Make your purchase and, when you are ready, contact us to begin customizing your perfect excursion. We will send you a complete menu of options according to your preferred running time, and get on a short call with you to customize the perfect experience for you!


All expenses required to complete your custom experience, including but not limited to-- skip-the-line entrances, tickets, transportation, meals, after-hours access to the museums, private events etc-- are an additional cost. We will be happy to arrange and book these on your behalf, and the charges will be invoiced to you on your final bill.