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Experience Florence Private Guided Tours

Experience Florence Private Guided Tours

Looking to spend an hour, or up to a full-day, to experience the beauty of Renaissance Florence? Florence is usually overrun with tourists, and so many of the options for tours, excursions and events are frankly quite mediocre. We believe that we offer all sorts of unique Florence private tours, and we guarantee you will not find tours like this anywhere else.


Some of our featured, custom tours include:


  • Heaven, Hell, & Everything Inbetween. An immersion into the Duomo Complex of Florence (Baptistry, Cathedral, Museum, with optional tower or cupola climb, or visit to the art restoration labs)​.

  • Florence Orientation tour. A walking tour perfect for the day you arrive in this small gem of a city! 

  • Church-y Florence. Did you know that the best way to experience masterpiece art & architecture, and to keep it from being boring, is to see it *in situ*?  This means seeing it on-site, where it is meant to be seen. Get out of the museums & walk around to the churches where Florence's most magnificent Renaissance art is displayed.

  • Almost-secret of Florence. Not on everyone's must-do list, but not quite unknown.  Discover authentic, spectacular places like the Convento di San Marco or the Palazzo dei Medici, then cap it off with the not-so-well known corners and shops of the Florence leather & food markets.

  • Major Museums' Highlights. Everyone wants to see the Uffizi Museum & the David in the Accademia. We will take you there and keep it as light and fun as possible, steering you away from the crowds and keeping it to only the highest of the highlights!




Pay only a $100 deposit towards the cost of your custom experience. After you've made your purchase and when you are ready, contact us to begin customizing your perfect excursion. We will send you a complete menu of options according to your preferred running time, and get on a quick call with you to customize the perfect experience for you!


All expenses required to complete your custom experience are for an additional cost, including but not limited to: skip-the-line entrances, tickets, transportation, meals, after-hours access to the museums, etc. We can arrange and book these on your behalf, and the charges will be invoiced to you on your final bill.


Half- and full-day options are available upon request*

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