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Experience Florence Private Guided Tours

Experience Florence Private Guided Tours

Book through March 1, 2020, and pay only a $100 deposit towards the cost of your custom experience. 


You will lock in the discounted price for your 2021 or 2022 travels.


You will also get access to one online cultural event  (live or streaming on-demand) per month.  It's the best way to prepare and get psyched up for future travel!


And if you want to gift of travel +culture, while your deposit is non-refundable it is FULLY TRANSFERABLE!!!


Lock-in your chance to enjoy reduced rates, priority booking, and a wealth of awesome content, now. Make your purchase and, when you are ready, contact us to begin customizing your perfect excursion.


Looking to spend an hour, up to a full-day, to experience the beauty of Renaissance Florence? Florence is usually overrun with tourists, and so many of the options for tours and excursions and events are, well, boilerplate. We believe that we offer all sorts of unique Florence private tours, and we guarantee you will not find tours like this anywhere else.


Some of our featured, custom tours include:


  • Heaven, Hell, & Everything Inbetween- an immersion into the Duomo Complex of Florence (Baptistry, Cathedral, Museum, with optional tower or cupola climb, or visit to the art restoration labs)​
  • Florence Orientation tour- a walking tour perfect for the day you arrive in this small gem of a city! You can enjoy the orientation on foot, or on bike or electric scooter (at additional cost)
  • Church-y Florence- did you know that the best way to experience masterpiece art & architecture, and to keep it from being boring is to see it <<in situ>>?  This means seeing it on site, where it is meant to be seen.  Get out of the museums & walk around to the churches where Florence's most magnificent Renaissance art is displayed
  • Almost-secret of Florence- Not on everyone's must-do list, but not quite unknown.  My favorite museums in Florence are not the must-sees, but rather the authentic spectacular places like the Convento San Marco or the Palazzo dei Medici. Come explore them with me, and then cap it off with the not-so-well known corners and shops of the Florence leather & food markets
  • Major Museums' Highlights- Everyone wants to see the Uffizi Museum & the David in the Academia.  We will take you there and keep it as light and fun as possible, steering you away from the crowds and keeping it to highlights-highlights-highlights!
  • Artisanal Florence- Steeped in tradition as a city born of crafts guilds, get over to the Oltrarno and visit quaint shops and piazzas and enotecas that make Florence so darn charming.

...but remember, we can design & customize anything to your wishes!


1.5-2 hour tours of private guiding = €250, regularly €280

2.5-3 hours of private guiding = €330, regularly €400

Half- and full-day options are available upon request

*Tickets and expedited (or necessary special) entrances will be arranged for you, but are an additional cost.

Additional available upgrades include:

+Guaranteeing Jill as your private guide 

+Access to the restoration laboratory of the Opera del Duomo (Florence's famed cathedral complex)

+Exclusive access to craft cooking and gelato classes in small, homey shops where the large tour operators never go! Or, if shopping is your thing, follow us to small stores & markets for the best-of-the-best

+Tours around Florence by bike or electric scooter

the best enotecas for wine tastings to complement the extraordinary visual culture of Florence

private towers and rooftops that offer the best sunset views of Rome

+Private, after-hours tours of private palazzos and gardens.

+The opportunity to host a private event, dinner, cooking class, or  wine event in an amazing setting!


SPECIAL FLEXIBILITY POLICY FOR 2021 & 2022 Reservations 

***All discounted private tours purchased now, can be used through August 31, 2022.***  


A limited number of these discounted tours are able to be booked each month (maximum 10), so reservations are accepted on a first-come, first-served basis. The deposit is due now, and payment in full will be due 15 days prior to your scheduled tour in 2021 & 45 days prior in 2022.

(These discounted tours cannot be booked during the weeks of Holy & Easter Week, the week of May 1st, the week of June 29 & Christmas weeks).


These tours can be canceled and fully refunded, postponed, or transfered at any-time up to 48hours before the date of your tour.***