Culture On-Demand Streaming Episode

Culture On-Demand Streaming Episode

Want to have access to our premium virtual visits anytime, anywhere you choose?  And with anyone you wish? This just could be the most unique & fun way to enjoy a socially-distanced journey that brings all the very best parts of international travel right into your own home. And which you can share with your own friends & family!


After your purchase, you will receive log-in information for one household. 


Here is how it works:


You make your purchase.  You indicate to us which episode you would like to access. 

Currently, you can choose from:

  • Monumental Paris, paired with rosé wine
  • The Sistine Chapel & the Last Judgement, paired with Amarone wine
  • Saint Peter's Basilica, paired with Satrico (roman) white wine
  • The Palatine Hill of Ancient Rome, paired with artisanal olive oil
  • Chartres Cathedral & Stained Glass, paired with Sancerre (loire valley) white wine
  • Basilica San Marco in Venice, paired with prosecco (sparkling) wine


Once you let us know which episode you wish to watch, we will send you the log-in for accessing it on Vimeo, or our website.  You can watch on your computer, your devices, or even our your smart TV via the Vimo app!  Talk about culture anytime, anywhere from the comfort of home!


You will have access to the episode for one calendar year; access is limited to one household per log-in. Please read our complete Terms & Conditions prior to purchase.

  • Terms & Conditions

    All purchases are non-exchangable and non-refundable.


    Within 72 hours of your purchase, you will receive instructions for how to access recorded virtual visits on-demand.  One purchase entitles you to one set of log-in codes that can be used for one household only.  The video material is not for mass distribution and cannot be shared with large or small groups (such as churches, parishes, schools, social organizations, comunity organizations, etc.) without express written consent. All recorded material is licensed as the intellectual property of Jill E. Alexy, sole proprietor, and intended for educational purposes only. ©2020 Jill E Alexy, All Rights Reserved.