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Paris Summer Olympics 2024

So, the last update was my attempt to give you a breadcrumb of info that might interest you.  I have one more (okay, I have like 294 more), but for now I promise I will bug you just one more time.


So, here's another nugget for you, in case I can entice you:


I am going to open myself and my team up to hosting VERY small groups for the Olympics this year.


Did you know I was a former athlete (swimmer to be exact)?  That I am a HUGE sports fan? That I went to the Olympics in 1996, and used AOL and eBay to arrange the trip for my family (applying, buying, reselling, etc) all online.  Talk about an early adopter! (and yes I am old).  


Did you know I love Paris?  That I have lived and worked there?  That I speak and understand French better than Italian? And that we have a full-time-freelance staff based there?  


So I am putting together my platform (SeeTheSacred), my love of sports & the Olympics, and my knowledge and expertise and connections in Paris and France into the mix this summer.


I can welcome 3-4 couples in Paris and/or Provence.  So you can sign-up as a couple and bond with other SeeTheSacred friends, or register your family or friends' group. I currently have an amazing private villa on hold in Provence (where team USA is playing their soccer matches and where the sailing and kitesurfing events will be EPIC), and a deluxe apartments on hold in Paris (where of course all the biggest and craziest experiences will take place).


And if the Summer Olympics aren't your jam, I have some weeks available in October and over Thanksgiving for those who want to make their Parisian and Provencal dreams come true.  On those occasions, we can welcome up to 10 guests.  If you want to organize a group for your custom theme (like a womens' wellness week), or a dreamy family and friends escape, let's get brainstorming together!


Reach out if you want to discuss the possibilities.


Until then, just know that Paris is always a good idea ;)

Biz & Benedictions,


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