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We love having you join us on our shared journey, and we always strive to improve that experience for our friends. &guests.

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Joanna Rench

It was such a pleasure learning with you, Agnes, and Giulia on Monday. In particular, I greatly enjoyed what you called out about collective memory as well as connections between different bodies of work. Words cannot express how much Monday's visit helped to inspire and motivate me, especially during this unpredictable and uncertain time. Knowing that these visits are available to continue learning and to get my Italy fix (both of which are mandatory on a regular basis!) is so motivating!

Reviews and Feedback

Lori Whelan


The wealth of knowledge that Jill

has to share with her guests is amazing. Jill is a fabulous story teller and keeps you enthralled through every tour.

Thomas Herr

What a great experience. I am looking forward to more.


The information you share is a thought-provoking mix of art history, world history, church history, and theology. It is even more interesting when you throw in anecdotes about the people in the Vatican and make comparisons to modern pop culture. I enjoy hearing about life in Italy and how the Italian people are doing now.

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